Data Supports

While data use permeates all of our programs and services at PAI, we also assist teachers and administrators in understanding and using the data at their disposal to support student growth and success. Supporting schools and teacher teams with effect data utilization since 2013, PAI has developed a deep well of knowledge in the areas of data utilization practices, teacher professional development, tracking and organization systems, and data-driven student supports.

Data Supports are offered to schools to increase the effectiveness of their teacher meetings and data utilization practices in order to improve student outcomes, particularly around attendance and grades / course achievement. These supports, available at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, include but are not limited to: leadership coaching, support with data analysis and data protocols, assistance with intervention plans and strategies, formal training for teams, and technical assistance with data tools and tracking systems. PAI currently supports schools in the 9th Grade Success Network with Data Supports, with PAI supporting a handful of other schools outside of the Success Network with data utilization practices as well.

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For  more information about PAI’s Data and Teacher Teaming Supports, please contact

Ms. Nadia Schafer

Manager of Data Supports and Evaluation at: or

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