Freshman Success

In our 50 years of experience with the Career Academy Model, PAI has recognized the importance of a student’s 9th grade year, and as a result has developed expertise around supporting 9th grade students, teachers and the Freshman Academy experience.


PAI is able to offer services in support of Freshman Academies, recognizing that building a strong foundation in the 9th grade year is essential for high school success. PAI supports a Freshman Seminar curriculum which is available for schools and supported by teacher training, teacher check-ins, support with career speakers, and infusion of other 9th Grade Academy work into the curriculum. PAI can also assist with structuring Freshman Academies, special events, and with creating a comprehensive Freshman Academy success plan which brings together these multiple components to provide a successful 9th grade year for students transitioning into high school.

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For  more information about PAI’s Freshman Success services, please contact

Ms. Sarah Hill

Director of Career Pathways Strategies at: or

215-546-6300 ext. 114