Core Services

PAI provides career-connected educational programming for middle- and high-school students, capacity building for teachers and school leaders, and industry organizing – all in support of student success and career/postsecondary readiness.

Our portfolio includes:

Work Based Learning (WBL) WBL involves sets of discrete real-world experiences that can be scaffolded in varying ways to foster career exposure, awareness, preparation and training.

Career Pathways Informed and supported by industry experts, career pathways blend thematic coursework with project- and work-based learning, potentially leading to industry certification, dual enrollment opportunities and/or pre-apprenticeship programs.

Career Academies Founded by PAI, Career Academies offer a structured environment that schedules students and teachers in small learning communities within a school focused on a specific career pathway and supported by industry, higher education and the community.

Pre-Apprenticeship & Bridge Program  Pre-apprenticeships create a bridge from school to work by focusing on preparing students to have the necessary skills to enter the workforce upon high-school graduation, connect with post-secondary training and/or enroll in apprenticeships, with the goal of securing employment with life sustaining wages and a path to career progression.

9th Grade Success Network We strive to close the systemic gap in on-time high school graduation for Black, Latinx, economically-disadvantaged, and other marginalized student groups by building capacity of 9th grade teacher teams to support their students and increase 9th Grade On-Track rates. 

Industry Organizing Making learning relevant for students as they explore and pursue a host of career opportunities requires the input of industry experts.   PAI recruits industry partners to team in volunteering in the classroom, in working to develop and support career pathways and in supporting Industry Advisory Councils.

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