9th Grade Success Network

Students are twice as likely to graduate on time if they are on track in 9th grade. A 9th grader is deemed “on track” if they earn credits in their four core academic classes (Math, English, Social Studies, Science) plus at least one additional class.

We strive to close the systemic gap in on-time high school graduation for Black, Latinx, economically-disadvantaged, and other marginalized student groups by building capacity of 9th grade teacher teams to support their students and increase 9th Grade On-Track rates.  Through PAI’s professional development, coaching, and network-wide learning, teams collaborate to provide data-driven interventions and student supports in order to ultimately change the trajectory of students and place them on a path toward college and career success.

Coaching & Technical Assistance

PAI provides weekly coaching and technical assistance to 9th Grade Assistant Principals and other 9th Grade Academy leaders (teachers, counselors, etc.) on using data tools to inform practice, organizing intervention efforts for Off-Track students, and monitoring the success of those intervention efforts. All coaching and technical assistance is aligned with the “12 Key Practices” PAI developed, which codifies the most important practices and traits of effective 9th grade teams.

Professional Development

PAI provides Professional Development to 9th grade teacher teams on a number of topics related to effective teaming, data utilization, and intervention implementation for 9th Grade On-Track.

Community of Practice

The 9th Grade Success Network Community of Practice, which meets quarterly, is a vital component of PAI’s support of the 9th Grade Success Network. The Community of Practice is comprised of a small group of core 9th grade team members from each Network school, The who meets together regularly to problem-solve common challenges, share ideas and best practices, learn new techniques and strategies, and plan improvement efforts.

“During the two year span of time I have worked with PAI, our 9th grade team has grown tremendously. Every school needs a PAI support person to help with data and coaching.” – Dr. Latoyia Bailey, 9th Grade Assistant Principal, South Philadelphia High School.

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For more information about PAI’s 9th Grade Success Network of Schools, contact

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