Industry Organizing

PAI’s industry organizing efforts are focused in three areas:

1. CAREER PATHWAY DEVELOPMENT – PAI’s involvement has been crucial to the development of numerous career pathways across multiple schools as well as central to eliciting industry involvement in these efforts.  Key pathways have been developed in Early Childhood Education (Parkway West High School) and in Biotechnology, Environmental Science, and Kinesiology (Roxborough High School).  A new pathway/bridge programming is currently being launched in the Carpentry Trades (Jules E. Mastbaum Area Vocational Technical High School) and an afterschool Technology Pre-Apprenticeship is currently being developed in partnership with industry experts.

2. INDUSTRY ADVISORY COUNCILS – Advisory Councils bring together industry experts who deliver work-based learning experiences for students, while also supporting teachers to ensure that classrooms are relevant and curriculum is aligned to current industry standards. By organizing caring adults and engaging them directly through Advisory Councils, PAI creates and nurtures partnerships between industry and schools that provide real-world learning, preparing students for a successful transition to college, trade schools, and careers.

PAI’s Industry Advisory Councils Include: 

Business, Technology & Entrepreneurship, & Sports Marketing (Roxborough High School)
Construction Trades Advisory Council (Jules E. Mastbaum Vocational and Technical High School)
Digital Media Production Advisory Council (Roxborough High School)
Early Childhood Education Advisory Council (Parkway West High School)
Environmental Engineering Advisory Council (Lincoln High School)
Horticulture Advisory Council (Lincoln High School)

3. INDUSTRY VOLUNTEERS – PAI recruits and manages relationships with industry volunteers who provide supports in the classroom as well as offer career exposure and preparation experiences at worksites – thereby connecting Industry to schools and schools to industry. Volunteers can serve as career speakers, lead site visits, offer Master Classes, judge student competitions, sponsor internships and much more.

Contact Us

To learn more about partnering with PAI in Career Pathway Development, contact:

Cheryl Lafferty
Senior Program Director
215-546-6300 ext. 108

To get involved with an Industry Advisory Council and/or to learn more about volunteering, contact:

Stephanie Smith
Director – Programs and Partnerships
215-546-6300 ext. 105