Work Based Learning

1.2 million students drop out of high school each year in the US.  One of the top reasons? Students are often bored and disengaged from their schoolwork.  School can seem irrelevant and meaningless to young people when it lacks any connection to the real world.  Work Based Learning (WBL) transforms learning, helping students to explore their own interests, understand career options, and make connections between the classroom and real world expectations.

With an almost 50-year history of connecting schools and industry, Philadelphia Academies, Inc. can help your students experience a variety of WBL opportunities designed specifically for your context. Either by directly running events or by providing technical assistance for your staff, PAI’s expertise and connections to industry provide high-quality workforce experiences.

Based on your needs, these transformative experiences can include resume workshops, job shadowing days, industry tours, and/or internships, all of which enable students to understand more possibilities for their lives and gain motivation in their academic careers.  By connecting students to industry, WBL helps youth experience the broad range of career options that are open to them, while also allowing them to gain the skills they need to compete in the job market and contribute to the local economy.

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