Is your data easy to act on?
Do you want to make sure struggling students don’t slip through the cracks?
Need a tool that empowers your teachers to collaborate on interventions?
Ready to transform conversations between teachers, students and parents?
  • PAI’s Snapshot is a comprehensive picture of student performance based on the Early Warning Indicator metrics for on-time graduation (Attendance, Behavior, and Course Performance). A student receives a flag for each of the 3 areas in which he or she is performing poorly.
  • Students are grouped by 1, 2 and 3 flags, which allows teachers to clearly understand how their students are doing and form targeted interventions for students in need of help.
  • In addition to a physical display, Snapshot is also available in a virtual format.
Highlights of PAI's Snapshot:
  • Displayed in one central location, accessible only to faculty and staff
  • Uses individual student cards that are updated 8 times a year (every interim and quarter)
  • Supported by training and technical assistance from a PAI staff expert
  • Can help facilitate and monitor school goal setting, as well as student and parent conferences
  • A cost effective way to bring large scale change to a student population
  • Encourages teacher collaboration, which leads to multi-layered supports for students
For more information on how your students and staff could benefit from PAI's Snapshot, visit our Snapshot website here, or fill out our information request form and we will be in touch with you shortly. You can also call us at 215-546-6300 x105 and ask for Stephanie.

Why Philadelphia Academies, Inc?
Philadelphia Academies, Inc. (PAI) has been a leader in the field of education and student/teacher supports since its inception in 1969. Through over four decades of non-profit work, PAI has dedicated itself to the support of high school students, teachers, and administrators through the creation of the Career Academy Model, a focus on career-connected education, post-secondary preparation, technical assistance and direct student supports. Through the dedication of our staff and our over 45 years of experience, we work to ensure that every students has the tools and opportunity they need to graduate high school and be prepared for a career or post-secondary experience.
We are proud to now offer teachers and administrators a data tool to help their students succeeded: PAI’s Snapshot. Used at multiple schools over the past four years, we are excited to show you how your approach to student interventions can be transformed through data interpretation and teacher collaboration.
PAI takes student data privacy and FERPA very seriously. To receive a copy of our PAI Student Data and FERPA Compliance Policy, which includes the safeguards and practices we implement to protect student data, please email a member of the Snapshot Innovation Team.
“It’s impossible for students to fall through the cracks.”
– Assistant Principal
“You always think you know the kids … but when you see the data, it’s real. It helps you match the students with what they really need.”
– Assistant Principal
"Using the PAI Snapshot felt like a shift from yelling at students once they failed to coming alongside them and asking how they could help them NOT fail. Students felt much more empowered and respected."
- Ms. Johnson, Teacher and Data Specialist, Lincoln HS
“The insurmountable support that I received from PAI made this exposure to data more realistic, helpful, and easier to learn.”
– Mrs. Jones-Tabbs, College and Career Coordinator, South Philadelphia HS
“Showing students their Student Snapshot with all of the grades and trends made a real impact. The opportunity to know and make a change before the end of the report period truly helped a number of students.”
– Ms. Johnson, Teacher and Data Specialist, Lincoln High School