Philadelphia Academies, Inc. designs and implements industry informed, career-connected learning strategies for schools that position young people for success in the workforce.

At PAI, we connect students to industry, and industry to schools.

Our Vision:

Philadelphia Academies, Inc. envisions a world where all young people have the skills, resources, and networks to reach their full potential.

Our Values:

Equity: We believe that ALL children can succeed at high levels, and we are committed to creating equitable opportunities for them to do so.

Innovation: In a constantly changing world, we embrace new ideas, foster creativity, and strive for continuous improvement and bold transformation.

Collaboration: We recognize that no individual can solve complex problems in isolation, and as such we leverage the collective wisdom both within and outside of PAI to achieve our goals.

Integrity: We practice honesty, accountability and fairness in our interactions with our stakeholders and with each other.